8 Quick Methods for Growing an Email List

growing an email list

Email marketing is a mainstay for business both online and off. Keeping your customers, clients, and potential leads in the loop about what is happening at your business is a great way to keep your business in their minds. Email collection is not that difficult no matter what kind of business you are in. Once you have a list of emails, you have a great platform for staying in touch with your target audience.

Collecting emails for the purpose of marketing has proven to be very effective and an affordable part of an overall marketing strategy. Yes, it will take some work. An email list will start small but it is your duty to keep it growing and use it successfully. Getting started is often the hardest part because businesses do not know where to begin to get the emails they want. While there are email lists you can buy, it’s a waste of your money. Many of the popular email service providers will reject the use of purchased lists and you’ll need to do a lot of weeding out of the emails not reaching your target audience.

Tips for Growing an Email List

If you haven’t started collecting email addresses yet, here are 8 quick ways you can begin.

  1. Sign Up Sheets – if you have a retail or other brick and mortar location, print out a simple signup sheet for people to jot down their email addresses. BONUS IDEA: Use a glass bowl set up where people throw in their business cards for a chance to win a small prize from your business each month.
  2. Prep Your Website – Your website should contain a form to collect email addresses. Let visitors know what they are signing up for such as newsletters, special discount and deals, or business news. Make the form short and simple – get their name and email address. People don’t want to waste more time than they have to filling out forms. In addition to a form on a web page, you can also establish a pop-up window to specifically request readers subscribe with their email. Keep in mind, some people will get irritated by the pop-ups and go elsewhere for information. Consider your audience when making a decision to add a pop-up.
  3. Sales Closing – After visitors make a purchase, provide a form to collect email addresses or a check box for readers to approve of their subscription to your email marketing list. If they are already interested in what you have to offer, paying customers will be more likely to sign up for additional offers and information.
  4. Free Stuff – Make an offer of a free item in exchange for readers providing their email address. For instance, offer a free article, e-book, or other valuable piece of information relevant to your business.
  5. Share Socially – The contact form page on your website where people can sign up for newsletters and other email marketing can be shared across your social media platforms. A simple post asking followers to sign up with a link to the form can be a very quick and effective method for capturing emails.
  6. Use CTAs – At the end of your blog posts and informational articles, include a call to action encouraging readers to sign up for newsletters and more information.
  7. Attend Events – Depending on your business, it may be worth your while to attend industry related events like conventions and seminars. If you set up a vendor booth at these events, be sure to have a way to collect email information from people who show interest. Sponsor a contest to attract more attention and encourage people to provide their information.
  8. Mail Call – If you mail merchandise to your customers, be sure to include a brief note providing your website address with a request for customers to sign up for newsletters and other special offers. Include specific instructions for what people need to do to sign up.

What Now?

As you grow your email list, you need to proactively think about what you want to do with them. You don’t want to overwhelm your contacts with emails each day but have a plan for a weekly, biweekly, or monthly contact. A newsletter, a special coupon, updates on industry news, and news within your business are all good strategies to use to keep in touch with your target audience. Keep up with your weekly or monthly contacts as consistency is important for keeping people’s interest strong. Think about the emails you get from other businesses and consider what you look forward to reading or enjoy seeing in your inbox.


Newsletters and other sales-related items you want to send to your email marketing list can be time-consuming to develop. Reliable Writers offers all of the services you need to effectively use your email marketing list to your business’s advantage. Contact us today and learn more about the help we provide businesses like yours. We’ll make it easy to keep in touch with your target audience and help you generate the leads you’ve been hoping to gain.




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