How Old Is Your Website Content?

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Creating a website for your business is often an initial task owners undertake to have something to promote, especially when a business is solely operated online. Creating a website is a logical idea for most businesses, even brick and mortar companies, as people don’t use the Yellow Pages as they once did. By creating your website, you are searchable and should provide your target audience with at least the basic information about your business like operating hours, contact information, and location. Some sites will require a bit more detail, especially if it’s an online business.

What Happens to Websites Over Time

Website owners often set up the initial pages of the site, fill it with relevant content, and market their business URL online and in print advertising. All good strategies in the beginning. However, at some point the process plateaus and your content is left to sit idle for months or years to come. If you are not keeping up with your content as it pertains to the changes in your business, you may be doing yourself a great disservice.

Visitors discovering your site long after you’ve created it may be given a bad impression if your site no longer works as it should. Content may be irrelevant. Links may be broken. Services or products listed may no longer be available. All of these things can be a turn off for a visitor. If it looks like you’ve abandoned your website, the potential lead is likely to move on to someone else who is keeping up with their business as a whole.

Keep Your Website Content Current

When constructing your website, it’s a good idea to consider the big picture rather than where you are just now. Create an outline of how you want the site to look but consider how flexible the site needs to be as your business changes and grows.

As technology changes and search engines regularly up the ante, you’ll need to keep your website up to date. Mark a date on your calendar every few months where you dedicate time to reviewing your website’s content for accuracy and quality.

Here are some other tips to keep the content on your business website relevant and effective:

Review Your Homepage

Read through the content on your homepage to ensure nothing has changed. Each month in business brings you greater wisdom and a deeper understanding of what your target audience wants. Review the content to make sure it is the best it can be. As the homepage is often the first place visitors will land when visiting your website, you want to make a great first impression.

Check Out Your Services/Product Pages

Perhaps you no longer offer services still listed on your site. Maybe pricing has changed on products you sell. Check content regularly for factual correctness. Make sure you are offering the information your customers need based on what you’ve learned in the few months since your last check. Update these pages as often as necessary to provide visitors with everything you have to offer in a timely manner.

About Us Pages Matter, Too

Unless you are a one-person empire, your company information pages do count. During regular site checks, make sure the staff listed on the site still work for your company. With greater experience, you may now be better equipped to define your company’s mission statement than before you were in business. If your company has grown and moved to a new location, make sure people know where to go.

Utilize Your Blog

Search engines pick up on fresh, relevant content giving your site greater visibility. A blog is a great way to accomplish some of your marketing goals while helping you establish your business as the real deal. Offer tips, valuable information, and company news on your blog on a regular basis. Post a few blogs each week about current events in your industry or niche. Write blogs about the questions your customers have been asking. Blogging is a great way to provide a variety of information especially when your website content on the whole rarely needs to be changed.

Consider the Help of a Professional

If you review the existing content on your site and decide it is not up to par with the image you want to offer of your company, consider hiring a professional content writer. Not every business owner is cut out to be a writer. That’s where freelance writers come in. These professionals know how to create content for the different pages on your website to showcase the products, services, and information to make your business shine.

These days, it is vital to think quality over quantity when it comes to the content filling your website pages. Take your time in planning your initial website, taking a ‘big picture’ approach. Be consistent in reviewing and updating your content as necessary to get the most bang for your buck where your website is concerned.

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